Squad Mobility gets EU funding in GIANTS project

Squad Mobility has received a major EU funding as part of a tender won by the GIANTS consortium. The consortium consists of 23 EU partners amongst others Renault, Toyota Europe and Valeo.

GIANTS is a Horizon Europe project that aims to provide affordable and accessible mobility solutions to both emerging and advanced markets.

The EU call was named; “Frugal zero-emission vehicles concepts for the urban passenger challenge” and the Squad Solar City Car is the key platform of the 12 million Euro funded GIANTS project when it comes to urban passenger applications. Vehicle Integrated Solar PV and swappable battery applications are at the core of the solutions to be developed.

Squad Mobility has been granted 1,35 m Euro of the total budget to further develop and demonstrate the 2 person and 4 person platforms, L6 and L7, based on the GIANTS platform. Apart from the funding, Squad Mobility also receives support from supplying partners of the various components in the GIANTS platforms such as batteries, drivetrain, electronics, software and solar PV as well as R&D support from universities and research institutions in the consortium. These developments will also help Squad Mobility on its path to production in 2025.

Invest in Squad Mobility

In the next few weeks Squad Mobility will announce its public offering of shares on the Bondex platform by NXChange. Investments will be possible starting at 250 Euro, more news to come soon about this emission.

Help the GIANTS project with the survey on L5,L6,L7 class Light EV’s

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GIANTS project: User and stakeholder needs survey

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Project/Context: GIANTS is a Horizon Europe project that aims to provide affordable and accessible mobility solutions to both emerging and advanced markets. GIANTS has the goal of developing frugal (economical, without excessive features) vehicles / mobility solutions based on user demand. This will be built on a set of technological solutions that allow the production of L5,L6,L7 class Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) suited to provide urban traffic solutions. The approach offers modularity, scalability, interoperability, and features innovative charging and energy optimisation solutions.

Project Website www.giants-project.eu

Overview: Our aim within this project is to create a vehicle platform that meets the needs of users, without excessive functions and features. The goal of this approach is to create an affordable and modular design, optimizing societal benefits and reducing environmental impacts.

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the consortium only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or CINEA. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.


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