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Squad is World's first Solar City Car for daily (sub)urban mobility.

A solution for urban emissions and congestion, designed for sharing platforms and private use.

Easy like a moped with the comfort and security of a car.

Squad offers an affordable, secure, quick and sustainable solution for your daily mobility needs. Doing groceries and shopping, commuting to work, bringing the kids to school, sports club, social visits, doctor etc.
All your daily trips without the cost and hassle of parking, charging, traffic, and congestion charge. The Squad is surprisingly spacious and comfortable, stable and very safe with a full crash structure, roll cage and belts, no helmet needed. Easy to operate, easy transverse parking, easy access. Sustainable and fun!

Meet the Squad Solar City Car

The Squad is a compact City Car designed towards L6 and L7 homologation. The 45 km/h L6 for two persons and and the 70 km/h L7 for up to 4 people. No car drivers license for the L6 is needed in most countries. Heating is standard, doors and airconditioning are options and the batteries are portable and swappable. 

Squad Solar Car charges itself

The Squad automatically charges its batteries with solar energy from the solar panel on its own roof.  Zero emissions, free, silent and wireless. all day and every day throughout its life cycle, when driving and when parked. Even in northern countries like The Netherlands the sun gives enough energy for average urban use. The solar panel can charge up to 20 km per day in Europe. The average micro car usage is around 12 km per day. The solar panel works in any light, also in the shade. The vehicle is powered by electric motors and batteries so it also works in the night, in winter or indoors . When extra range is needed, the portable batteries can be charged directly from a normal power socket. The Squad is lightweight and very energy efficient.

Cross Parking 

With a length of only 2 meters, the Squad can be parked very efficiently perpendicular on an average parking spot, with the tyres against the curb.

Congestion and parking in cities is a growing problem worldwide. An average car has a stationary footprint of around 10 m2, a very inefficient use of the scarce space in city centers.  A Squad has a footprint of only 2,4 m2, or 1,2 m2 per person. 3 Squads can easily park on 1 car parking spot. In most cities parking the Squad on the curb or special moped parking places is allowed.

The compactness and speed of 45 km/h allows for quick and easy maneuvering though the city, avoiding traffic, congestion and roadblocks.

A Solar Car for everyone

Squad is an affordable solution for most consumers with a retail price starting at € 6250,- ex. tax or through a monthly lease or subscription. There will be no parking fees in most cities, no road tax and no congestion charge. The Squad is extremely energy efficient with a lower energy usage than public transport per person per kilometer.

Squad is specifically designed for sharing and MaaS ( Mobility as a Service ) platforms for (sub)urban mobility. The design of the Squad is focused on safety, comfort, low maintenance and durability in urban use. The use of recycled materials is maximized.  No car drivers license is needed.

Comfort & Storage

The Squad has a very comfortable high seating position with easy access through the large door openings. The remarkably low dashboard allows space for bags or even a laptop without blocking the view through the front window. The dashboard includes a smartphone holder with USB charging. Of course cup holders are included for the coffee-to-go in the city.

In the back there is a large storage area that can be even increased by folding the passenger seat in an horizontal position. The Future L7 version can seat small children in the back.

Air-conditioning is offered as an option. But the removable doors offer a nice energy saving alternative.

Removable Doors

Squad offers unique removable doors for those hot summer days. Doors are optional and can also be ordered separately in a later stage. Windows can be opened by sliding down in the door.

Swappable Batteries

Squad holds up to 4 portable and swappable batteries.

Each battery has a capacity of 1,6 kWh adding up to 6,4 kWh max, offering a range up to 100 km. 

Tyres are the best bumpers

Wheels and tyres are extending beyond the bodywork at the front and rear functioning as bumpers. This is very practical for a busy urban environment where vehicles touching each other and obstacles in the public space can be a regular occurrence.
It also contributes to easy cross parking against the curb, even if the curb is very high.

Safety & Security

The Squad is very safe for it’s class. The roll cage and full front and rear crash structure are more than required for homologation in this segment and offer good protection for the passengers. Squad has seat belts and standard head rests.

The Squad is stable because of its width and low center of gravity, also during rain and snow, over tram rails and curbs.  

Because of the high commanding seating position, there is good visibility over and by other traffic.

Aluminium Space Frame

The striking aluminium space frame chassis is light and an integral and visible part of the design of the Squad. It offers protection for the passengers as a full safety cell / roll cage but it also protects and supports the glass and solar panel making the Squad very durable and robust, particularly ideal for the rough reality of shared inner city mobility use. Up to 98% of Aluminium can be recycled, so Aluminum is a very sustainable metal and element. It is also light, adding to the efficiency of the Squad and the natural resistance against corrosion makes it a very durable material as well.


Leapfrog the Grid

By leapfrogging the grid, many inefficiencies of the grid are avoided such as AC-DC and power transformations, storage and transportation losses.

De Squad combines energy generation, storage and usage in one single product. The solar panel produces DC electricity and the battery is charged by DC electricity with minimal loss of energy. 

Solar energy is not only free for the user but also for the community because Squad doesn’t need a special charging infrastructure, it can charge on the regular power grid.

Management Team & Founders

Squad Mobility is founded by a very experienced team of automotive professionals with more than 40 years of combined experience with product development and automotive innovations

Robert Hoevers, CEO

Robert Hoevers MSc, former GM at A1GP Netherlands and one of the initiators of the FIA Formula E. Robert joined team China Racing which was later sold to NIO. He was one of the early employees at the Lightyear Solar Car project and was responsible for commerce, business development and government relations. Robert was the creator of the multi million Euro partnership with LeasePlan and the tax exemption for Solar cars in the Dutch climate accord. At Squad Mobility, next to general operations as CEO, Robert is responsible for sales & marketing.

Chris Klok, Chief of Design

Chris Klok MSc MTD has a broad experience in developing mobility products, from two- to four-wheeled vehicles. He has developed advanced interior concepts for Renault, motorcycles for Piaggio and played an important role in the development of the PAL-V flying car, being responsible for systems integration and styling. Before starting Squad, Chris was the chief vehicle engineer at Lightyear, technically in charge of the complete engineering and prototyping team.

At Squad Mobility, Chris is responsible for Research and Development

Technical Specifications

HomologationL6e and L7 (EU)
FrameAluminium Tubular Roll Cage with full crash structure front and rear
Passengers2 Persons (L6) / 4 Persons (L7)
Rear Bench2 children up to 1.25 meter (L7 version)
Storage168 L  /  243 L (seat folded)

2 meter
Width 1,2 meter
Height 1,6 meter
Weight 350 kg
Max speed 45 km/h (L6) 70 km/h (L7)
Suspension 4 wheel, independent
Motors 2 x in-Wheel RWD
Power 4kW (2 x 2kW) (L6) 
Batteries Portable, swappable Li-ion
Charging Solar & 220 V
Turning circle 6 meter
Regeneration Yes
Gearing Fwd | Reverse
Modules Swappable & Portable
Chemistry Li-ion
Battery Range upto 100 km*
Solar Range 20 km / day (in EU summer)
Charging Solar & 220V & Regeneration
Regeneration Yes

*exclusive solar
Brakes 4 wheel disks

parking brake
Seat belts All seats
Lighting Front & Rear

Turning lights
Roll Cage & Crash structure Full Roll Cage and Crash structure front and rear

Reserve your Squad

There are four pre-order options available for the Squad. We have the regular production Squad reservation available for €50, the Pioneer version for €500 for production numbers 101 to 1000 and the Squad Limited Edition of €5000 for the first 100 in production.  Outside the EU we have a reservation option for only €5, however, no estimated start of production is set yet for outside EU markets. The Squad Limited Edition has the longest range with all batteries. The reservation fee is fully refundable at any time before the actual purchase of your Squad except for a 3% administration and payment provider fee.

Squad production is scheduled to begin in 2023. When production begins, we will begin deliveries in Europe starting in the Netherlands, moving east and south. After you have paid your pre-order, we will reach out to you before production. You will then be able to configure your squad with your desired colors, options and finalize your purchase.

Squad Solar Pre Order Options

Free (Outside EU)


Free Pre Order
  • Estimated price 
    € 6250 ex. tax
  • Basic Squad Solar
  • 50 km range (2 batteries)
  • Optional Doors 
  •  Optional Air Conditioning
  • Optional extra batteries 

Regular Production


Pre Order fee  
  • Estimated price 
    € 6250 ex. tax
  • Basic Squad Solar
  • 50 km range (2 batteries)
  • Optional Doors 
  • Optional Air Conditioning
  • Optional extra batteries 

Pioneer Edition


  Pre Order fee 
  • Estimated price
    € 7050 ex. tax
  • Squads nrs. 101 - 1000
  • 50 km range (2 batteries)
  • Full doors with windows
  • Optional Air Conditioning
  •   Optional extra batteries

Limited Edition


  Pre Order fee 
  • Estimated price
    € 9300 ex. tax 
  • 100 km range (4 batteries)
  • Full doors with windows
  • Air Conditioning
  • Full Range


Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

The Squad is specifically designed for sharing platforms with focus on connectivity and efficiency.

Connectivity, cameras, sensoring, remote diagnostics, state of operation and maintenance, SOTA, FOTA are all part of our focus on sharing solutions. On the mid-term we are looking to introduce remote control of the vehicles by an sharing operator. Our long term vision is to realise swarms of solar vehicles in cities worldwide  moving autonomously to places with high demand.

 We can customize the design to your platform and specifications. Please contact us for inquiries.

Shared Mobility offers your users ;

  • Easy access and ingress for 2 persons with luggage

  • Comfort, weatherproof

  • Easy intuitive operation

  • Safety ; full crash structure and roll cage, Intrinsically stable 4-wheel

  • Easy parking anywhere

  • Quick through traffic

Cities demand;

  • Small footprint & space claim of scarce public space in cities 

  • Emission free | sustainable design & production

  • Independent from charging infrastructure

  • Charging with regular power infrastructure and the sun

Operators appreciate;

  • Low capex, low opex

  • Solar-electric, self charging

  • Swappable batteries

  • High durability, rugged design

  • Easy cleaning, low maintenance

  • Connectivity options

  • Cargo options

Swappable Batteries

Keeping the fleet charged is a large operating expense for EV sharing platforms . Automatic solar charging offers a daily decrease of these costs and this will improve with advancing technology in the  years to come, both solar PV, battery and powertrain efficiency.
Squad supports the solar charging with a swappable battery system where fleet owners and managers can quickly swap batteries with the help of the mobile or stationary Squad battery charging station.
Ultimately, the Squad can also be charged directly from the grid or charging infrastructure. 


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