The future of sustainable urban mobility

Squad is an affordable Solar City Car for daily (sub)urban mobility.

A solution for urban emissions and congestion.

Park like a scooter, avoid traffic, road tax and congestion charge.

Squad* offers an affordable, dry, quick and sustainable solution for your daily mobility needs. Commuting to work, bringing the kids to school and doing groceries, without the cost and hassle of parking, traffic, and congestion charge. Very safe and stable with 4 wheels, roll cage and belts, so no helmet needed.

*Squad = S(olar)quad(ricycle)

Squad charges itself

Solar-Electric Vehicle

Squad is a self-charging  Solar-Electric Vehicle.  The roof is covered with solar cells directly charging it’s on-board battery, each day and every day of the year, while driving and when parked. Even in northern countries like The Netherlands the sun gives enough energy for normal urban usage.

The solar PV cells work in any light, also in the shade. The vehicle is powered by electric motors and a battery so it also works in the night, in winter or indoors . When extra range is needed, the battery can be charged directly from a power socket or taken inside to charge in-home. 

Zero emissions & sustainability

The Squad charges her energy directly from the sun, which is 100% sustainable, no emissions (from well to wheel), clean, silent and free of cost.

Electric vehicles charge their batteries from the grid and therefor that energy is usually not completely from renewable sources. Solar charging is free, wireless and automatic. Not only free for the user but also for the community because Squad doesn’t need a special charging infrastructure.

The Squad is lightweight for efficiency reasons but using less materials is also the basis for affordability and sustainability as well. We use recycled materials where possible and always look at the sustainability of the resources we use.

Wireless auto-charging & car sharing platforms

The solar cells directly and automatically self-charge it’s on-board battery throughout it’s life-cycle.

The batteries are portable and exchangeable, ideal for car sharing platforms. 

Squad can be operated in any city, village or suburb, anywhere in the world, independent from special charging infrastructure, charging stations or special plugs.

Urban congestion & parking 

Minimal space footprint. Congestion & parking solution

Congestion and parking in cities is a growing problem worldwide. One of the main reasons is that our choice of transport doesn’t always fit our exact need efficiently. For example when we use an SUV for our daily mobility needs when an SUV is better suited for family travel and holidays. An average car has a stationary footprint of around 10 m2, a very inefficient use of the valuable and scarce space in city centers.  A Squad has a footprint of 2 m2, a 500% improvement of used space compared to a car. 4 Squads can park on 1 car parking spot. In most cities parking the Squad on the curb or special scooter parking places is allowed.

Quick through congestion & traffic

With a footprint of 1 x 2 meter or 2 m2, a Squad has 20% of the footprint of a car. The width of 1 meter and speed of 45 km/h allows for quick and easy maneuvering though the city and avoiding traffic by using of bicycle paths in/and or outside of cities. Also e.g. road blockages due to loading and unloading of trucks in city centers can easily be circumvented. 

Affordable to own, lease or pay per use (MaaS)

Squad is an affordable solution for most consumers with a retail price starting at 5750 Euro ex. or through a monthly lease offering or subscription.
Squad is specifically designed for sharing and MaaS (Mobility as a Service) platforms for (sub)urban mobility. Engineering of the Squad is focused on ruggedness, low maintenance and durability in urban use.

Furthermore, there will be no parking fees in most cities, no road tax, low insurance fees and no congestion charge where applicable.

No car drivers license is needed, no helmet etc. which make the Squad very accessible.

Mobility for everyone 

Dry, wind & weatherproof

Squad offers a dry and weatherproof solution with a roof, windshield, floor and optional side protection for very rainy days.

Although the number of days with significant rain is actually only around 10%, especially professional commuters (particularly the people working in suits) experience the uncertainty about staying dry when commuting to work as a major threshold when opting for mobility solutions such as scooters, bicycles or motorcycles.

Two person + children, seniors

The Squad offers a 2 person solution with optional seats for small children (where legal) and/or extra dry storage in the back. Most personal urban mobility needs are met with these basic features.

Squad will have a modular design with options for young parents, seniors and disabled as well


Squad is a very safe solution in it’s class. With 4 wheels it is stable, also during rain and snow, over tram rails and curbs. Because of the high commanding seating position, there is good visibility over and by other traffic. The full roll cage offers good protection against roll over events and side impact protection. Squad has seat belts so no helmet is needed.


The Squad has a comfortable seating position with easy & quick access, no saddle pain, wrist pain and back pain, also during longer commutes. 

Smartphone integration for navigation and communication

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Reserve your Squad

25 November 2019

We have opened pre-orders for the Squad. 

We have the regular production Squad reservation available for 500 € and the Squad Signature Edition of 5000 € for the first 1000 in production. The Squad Signature Edition has all the available options and the longest range.

The reservation fee is fully refundable at any time before the actual purchase of your Squad.

Squad production is scheduled to begin in 2021. When production begins, we will begin deliveries in Europe starting in the Netherlands, moving east and south.

After you have paid your pre-order, we will reach out to you before production. You will then be able to configure your squad with your desired options and finalize your purchase.

Squad Pre-Order