SQUAD Solar Buggy at CES 2024

Squad Mobility announces its microfactory concept.

Las Vegas, 12 Dec 2023 – SQUAD MOBILITY presents the WORLD’S FIRST SOLAR BUGGY Special Edition as it makes its US debut at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. On the Netherlands Tech Square, Squad Mobility will be showing their new Solar Buggy at Eureka Park, Venetian Expo, Hall G - Booth 62100.

The SQUAD is a compact and affordable Solar Car that charges itself on direct solar energy through an integrated solar panel on the roof. It will be available in the US in 2025 starting at $6250 (excl. tax) and can already be pre-ordered. No down payment is necessary for pre-orders outside of Europe. The SQUAD is a Dutch innovation, designed to make solar-powered mobility accessible for everyone.

Free energy from the Sun

The vehicle’s solar panel charges up to 22 km/13,6 mi extra range on sunny days in the Netherlands and up to 31 km/19,2 mi in Las Vegas. The four swappable and portable batteries provide a range of 100 km/62 mi excluding solar. With an average solar range of 13 miles per day in a city such as Las Vegas, most users will find that charging is not even necessary.

Coming to America

Robert Hoevers, CEO: “We are seeing a tremendous interest from the United States, specifically for markets such as golf cart communities, (company) campuses, sharing platforms, hotels and resorts, amusement parks and inner city services.” At CES 2024, Squad Mobility is looking forward to meeting potential distribution and manufacturing partners for the US and worldwide as well as investors, B2B clients and US media.

Chris Klok, Chief of Design: “Energy generation, storage and usage in one single product that offers independence, comfort and freedom. Our US pre-order clients love that concept.”

Product Portfolio

The Solar Buggy is the first special edition for Squad Mobility. The top priority is to bring the 2-person Solar City Car 45km/h L6 / LSV and 70km/h L7 to production. A slightly longer, 4-person L7 will follow as well as a cargo version, a complete range of accessories like the Golf Bag rack and more special editions such as the Solar Buggy.

Squad Mobility Distributed Microfactories

Squad Mobility has developed their Distributed Microfactory concept in which the SQUAD will be assembled in factories worldwide, in local markets close to customers.

In this way, transportation costs and environmental impact can be minimized through efficient flat-pack supply chain logistics while combining the assembly with a local spare parts storage and hub. Additionally, local supply of components will be sought and increased. We have had many inquiries from countries and regions worldwide, interested in strategic investment and support of sustainable Solar EV automotive manufacturing and its supply ecosystem.

Squad Mobility is actively scouting manufacturing and distribution partners worldwide including the US.

For more contact information please go to : https://www.squadmobility.com/#Contact-us2 

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