Squad Mobility closes investment partnership with Bloomit

Breda, 3rd of June 2021

Last March Squad Mobility signed an investment agreement with Bloomit Ventures. Bloomit is an active investor in, and accelerator of Light Electric Vehicles (LEV), run by the founders of Babboe cargo bikes. Next to a financial investment, Bloomit actively supports Squad Mobility in the development of our company, for instance in the field of marketing and financial strategy. In short, the right partner for Squad Mobility in this stage. Our first collaboration in the past two months has proven to be very positive and productive.

Danie de Hiep, founder of Bloomit: “We were immediately struck by the brilliance and apparent simplicity of this vehicle. Squad as the world's first Solar City Car has ticked all the boxes of the types of companies we are looking for. When we met Robert and Chris, we immediately felt a click and were positively surprised by their experience, drive and the thoughtfulness of their innovation in all aspects. This smart solar city car will really make a difference in our cities!" 

A New Office

As announced last month, we have now moved to our new location in Breda. A great move! We now have a larger office with a spacious workshop where we can build and test our first series of prototypes. At the moment all kinds of assembly parts and components are coming our way: wheels, lighting, motors, batteries, solar cells, electronics, etcetera. This clears the way to finish building our first prototypes!

First Solar City Car

We expect to have the first rolling prototypes to test this summer. The first 1:1 ergonomic prototype has been finished for some weeks now and the first ergonomic tests have been conducted. This resulted in several improvements in the vehicle, particularly on ergonomic aspects such as ingress and egress, seating position, controls and comfort. Everything is looking very good so far. We estimate that the unveiling of the Squad Solar City Car will be just after the summer recess. 

Pick Your Parts

From time to time we would like to ask your opinion on various aspects of the Squad. The wheels, for example, are parts that many people have an opinion about. We choose aluminum rims over steel rims, not only because of the weight but also to prevent corrosion. Alloy wheels are more expensive but also more durable and aluminum is one of the best recycled materials in the world, so it's quite durable.

Below are three wheel design variants we are considering, which one do you prefer? Please give us your vote on Twitter

In the coming period we will regularly share updates with you about the development of the Squad Solar City Car, subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned!

Robert & Chris

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