Squad Mobility at CES Las Vegas

Squad Mobilty presented the Squad Solar City Car to the US market at the CES

Free and easy, never charge your SQUAD

SQUAD MOBILITY presents WORLD’S FIRST SOLAR CITY CAR making her USA debut on the CES Las Vegas. As part of the Dutch delegation, the SQUAD will be on display at the Venetian Expo.

The SQUAD will be available in 2024 starting at $ 6250 (ex. tax) and can be pre-ordered now. Pre-orders outside of Europe are free (meaning: Pre-orders outside of the European Union incur no pre-order fee). SQUAD is a Dutch innovation, designed to make solar-powered mobility accessible for everyone.

Free energy from the Sun

The solar panel on the roof charges up to 22 km/13,6 mi extra range on sunny days in the Netherlands and up to 31 km/19,2 mi in Las Vegas. The swappable and portable batteries provide a range of 100 km / 62 mi excluding solar. With an average solar range of 13 mi per day most users won’t even have to charge at all in a sunny city like Las Vegas. 

Coming to the USA

Robert Hoevers; “We are seeing a tremendous interest from the USA, specifically for markets such as sharing platforms, gated communities, campuses, (seaside) resorts, tourism, company terrains, hotels & resorts, amusement parks and inner city services”. At the CES, Squad hopes to meet potential partners for the USA as well as Investors, B2B clients and Media. 

Robert; “Energy generation, storage and usage in one single product, offering independence, comfort and freedom, we believe that US customers love that concept”.

Affordable for many
For the SQUAD, filling up the tank means letting the sun do its job or charging the swappable batteries at a regular socket. With the low purchase or lease price and low monthly costs, the SQUAD will be affordable for many. As a shared vehicle, the SQUAD becomes even more accessible to get you dry, safe and comfortably from A to B.

Safe & Secure
SQUAD is a light electric vehicle that fits into the USA LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) or EU L6e vehicle category. Safety is guaranteed thanks to the strong roll cage that protects you from all sides. The SQUAD is also equipped with three-point seat belts and a full crash structure at the front and rear. And because it's a car-like experience, it feels secure at night or in deserted places.

Comfort for two, easy going for young and old
The SQUAD bridges the gap between cars and two-wheelers. A city car for everyone. Easy to operate, drive and park. No more parking hassle, traffic jams or range anxiety.
The Solar City car is surprisingly spacious on the inside and offers enough room for two (tall Dutch) people plus luggage. Like a small living room on wheels with two comfortable chairs, large windows for a panoramic view, a well-arranged dashboard with space for your bag or laptop, cup holders, a phone holder and a USB charger. SQUAD gets you comfortably and safely to your destination.

Optimized for sharing
The SQUAD is optimized for sharing platforms. It is designed to withstand the wear and tear of heavy use. The small-sized two-seater is easy to access, operate and park. With a footprint of only 2,4 m2 you can cross park three SQUADS in one parking place. The vehicle charges automatically on sunlight and includes swappable batteries.

Combining low CAPEX and OPEX with the capability of remote diagnosis, SQUAD provides essential vehicle data 24/7 for efficient fleet management. Both the interior and exterior are easy to clean, while broken parts are easy to replace. The wheels act as natural bumpers, preventing damage to body parts. An extra option is the SQUAD battery wall for quickly changing and charging the batteries.

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