Management Team & Founders

Squad Mobility is founded by a very experienced team of automotive professionals with more than 40 years of combined experience with product development and automotive innovations

Robert Hoevers

Robert Hoevers


Robert Hoevers MSc, former GM at A1GP Netherlands and one of the initiators of the FIA Formula E. Robert joined team China Racing which was later sold to NIO.  He was one of the early employees at the Lightyear Solar Car project and was responsible for commerce, business development and government relations. Robert was the creator of the multi million Euro partnership with LeasePlan and the tax exemption for Solar cars in the Dutch climate accord.

At Squad Mobility, next to general operations as CEO, Robert is responsible for sales & marketing.

Chris Klok

Chris Klok

Chief of Design

Chris Klok MSc MTD has a broad experience in developing mobility products, from two- to four-wheeled vehicles. He has developed advanced interior concepts for Renault, motorcycles for Piaggio and played an important role in the development of the PAL-V flying car, being responsible for systems integration and styling. Before starting Squad, Chris was the chief vehicle engineer at Lightyear, technically in charge of the complete engineering and prototyping team.

At Squad Mobility, Chris is responsible for Research and Development.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Squad Mobility develops new urban mobility concepts. Solar-Electric personal or utility mobility solutions that are both emission free as well as a solution to the urban congestion problem.

Squads are particularly designed for Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Shared mobility users needs;

  • Easy access, easy ingress
  • Easy intuitive operation
  • Safe, no helmet needed
  • Intrinsically stable 4-wheel
  • Easy parking anywhere
  • Quick through traffic

Cities demand;

  • Small footprint & space claim
  • Emission free | sustainable design & production
  • Independent from charging infrastructure
  • Charging with regular power infrastructure

Operators appreciate;

  • Low Capex
  • Solar-electric, self charging
  • Exchangeable batteries
  • High durability, rugged design
  • Cargo version
  • Customizable to your platform, contact us for the possibilities